Sunday, January 15, 2012


The Author of this post is Cheryl Martinez

My husband is the pastor of the church in our tiny town, and he absolutely loves his job. He knows this is what he was supposed to do with his life, and we love our town and our church. What I sometimes don’t love is the late night/early morning phone calls we often get from parishioners. 

Many people feel obligated to call my husband for a myriad of reasons at all hours of the day and night. Certainly, I understand the need to call if someone is very ill or if there’s been a death, but to call simply to chat about an issue they’re having at 10:00 PM is less than desirable. 

To solve this problem, we’ve instituted a new email program. Anything that is a “non-emergency” can be sent via email. The church members are still free to call if there is something that is urgent, of course. 

It has worked out so well, especially once we recommended that our church family check out HughesNet in Baldwin. Many of them did not have access to reliable internet, and signing up for satellite internet has enabled them to get on the internet to send emails as much as they want. 

We’re loving the reduced calls.

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