Thursday, January 12, 2012


Written by my friend Betty Walls 

Being from the south means a lot of things about me but first and foremost it means I love football. I spend all Saturday every week in front of the TV watching college ball and when it comes bowl time that’s where you’ll find me, too. 

I love every team although the LSU Tigers are MY team, but anyone in the SEC (as long as they’re not playing LSU) is on my side. I got directtv for the house so I’d get all the games and now some of my buddies have started coming over on game days to hang out and watch pigskin. 

It’s been fun because before this I got kind of reclusive in the fall because I never wanted to miss a game but now that things are the way they are I get to see friends and watch every matchup. I can’t say my wife is too excited about this new arrangement but I think she’d rather have me here at home than in some sports bar somewhere you know?

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